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Layout Optimization

The facility layout Optimization is used to place departments in rooms in order to minimize the total distance travelled as a function of the distances among the rooms and the flow among departments. In other words, this analysis serves to find the minimum travel distance among rooms and flow of department to maximize productivity. In some cases, there may be necessary to fix certain departments to be located in specific rooms while distances among rooms may or may not be symmetric. However, despite such constraint, it is still possible to find the optimal value that minimizes the distance travel.


Performing such Analysis is vital when inter-department / facility work flows is of importance to ensure time and resources is not wasted on travelling or OTR ( On The Road ) . Typically, such analysis is performed during set up / start-up period or the company recently underwent major restructuring. However, if your company have not perform such analysis in the past, it is advisable to so in order to ensure maximum productivity is obtain.