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Financial Analysis


ChiSquares financial analysis provides companies with a holistic view of their financial position. It enables companies to understand the nuance of the financial changes starting from structure of the asset, liabilities and equities, financial sustainability’s ( e.g.,Debt ratio, capitalization ratio and etc), working capital, Liquidity, Business Activities ( e.g. turnover analysis) and so on. Such analysis is important in understanding the company financial strengths and weaknesses in order to make strategic decision. In addition, the financial analysis report can be very useful in presenting your company financial position to potential investors or financial institution like banks in obtaining further capital injection.

The full analyses that are included in the report are as follows:


1)            Asset, liabilities and Equities structure analysis

2)            Financial Sustainability Analysis

3)            Working Capital Analysis

4)            Financial Performance Analysis

5)            Profitability Analysis

6)            Business Activity Analysis (Turnover Ratios)

7)            Key Indicator Analysis

8)            Financial Position Rating


Opening Promotion Price : RM 1500 for 2 years.

Normal Price : RM 1800 or RM 900/year.